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How to effectively communicate with your clients – 10 proven tips

Today we have some fresh and proven tips on how to effectively communicate with your clients in sales negotiations. Read on and improve your sales skills with our New Business and Analytics Manager. Effectiveness guaranteed!

Building relations with a client requires a lot of work and engagement. Not everyone is a born seller, but there are a few simple rules which can help you during sales negotiations. Here they are:

1. Know your client: Before you send your first email, learn about them as much as possible. It’s good to know what they do in the company and what their position is (based on this information you can make a guess about the level of their decision-making in the organization and describe whether the product you offer will be used by the person you contact or by the rest of the team).

January 27, 2015 by Beata Lukasiewicz

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Mobile App Marketing Tips

When you are done with development of the app, the very thought that creeps your mind is, ‘how am I going to make people buy it?’.

With more than 2 million apps on App Store and Google Play combined, it becomes paramount to let the smartphone users know about your app. Where most of the apps fail to grow in the market is due to lack of awareness. Even though your app is amazing and has lot of potential to solve the users problems, people don’t use it just because they do not know about it!

Here are few of the marketing tips that can help you bring your app in a lime light.

App Store Optimization (ASO):
This is the most powerful tool that can be used to make your app stand distinct among the crowd of apps. It has been seen that most of the users search their respective app stores when they are in need of any app. So, as a marketer, it becomes essential for you to easily get listed among the first few search results.