What will social video look like? Is “peak TV” past its peak? How much will connected TV ad spend grow? A look ahead at some of the key developments we expect to unfold in 2018.

No. 1: Connected TV Advertising Will Start to Scale

In 2018, eMarketer estimates, 181.5 million people in the US will use connected TVs at least once per month—a number that amounts to just over 55% of the general population. By 2021, the ranks of connected TV users will swell to 194.4 million, or nearly 58% of the population. Despite this groundswell of consumer adoption, connected TV advertising hasn’t caught the world by storm—yet.

There have been issues of scale, as well as other business and logistical hurdles, none of which will be entirely overcome in the next year. But we’ll see steps in that direction, driven by the fact that connected TV sits at the intersection of traditional television and digital video—two of the most robust and enduring advertising channels.

No. 2: Social Media Platforms Will Deliver TV-Style Programming

The leading social media channels—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat—have been focused on video for years. However, to date they’ve specialized mainly in short clips designed for sharing, or in experimental live streams of sports and other content.

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