Twitter is introducing a new video ad format today designed to help brands raise awareness and drive traffic to their websites and other online properties.

The Video Website Card, which has been in limited beta with some advertisers for several months already, is an extension of the Website Card that launched back in 2014. In a nutshell, the video-focused ad format allows companies to demo products or services in your Twitter feed, while reducing friction during the purchase process.

“As users have come to expect more personalized interactions with brands, we’re increasingly hearing from brands that they want to create more seamless user experiences for consumers along various stages of the path to conversion,” noted Twitter product manager Sean Huang, in a blog post.

For example, Trident Gum — one of the early beta partners — could broadcast one of its video ads inside a tweet, while linking to its online Amazon store, or to its own online store.

Above: Trident Chewing Gum

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