Programmatic advertising isn’t the shot in the dark it once was—thanks to sophisticated targeting opportunities, it’s now a staple tactic for many advertisers. But the space continues to evolve. Eunice Kim, media planner at Toyota North America, spoke with eMarketer’s Sean Creamer about how changes in programmatic advertising are creating new opportunities for brands.

eMarketer: What changes in the programmatic space have impacted Toyota the most?

Eunice Kim: We’re seeing a couple of changes to programmatic advertising that are impacting us. The first is the continuously evolving landscape of data targeting. There are more measurement points, targeting capabilities and data signals available to advertisers now than ever before, which is great for the industry.

Another change impacting our brand is dynamic creative opportunities. Along with developments in data and targeting, dynamic creative capabilities have become sophisticated. That means we can now tailor our messaging based on who we’re speaking to and bring more personalized content to users at the right time. This capability ties back to people-based marketing—though that term is still more buzzword than reality, we’re increasingly employing people-based strategies.

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