AppNexus and Rubicon Project launch hailing open-source approach to header bidding

AppNexus, Pubmatic and Rubicon Project have announced the official launch of, an independent organization aimed towards helping adtech players and premium publishers challenge the dominance of Google’s DoubleClick with an open-source approach to header bidding.

The pairing of AppNexus and Rubicon Project have characterized the approach as a “collaborative industry effort” that will make the marketplace a more fair ecosystem by delivering “unbiased programmatic monetization solutions” for premium publishers.

Participating outfits are set to collaborate by fostering common tech standards and working practices, similar to the Prebid server-to-server solution rollout announced earlier this year., will be jointly funded by all participating outfits and requires members of the independent outfit to sign up to a code of conduct containing directives for header bidding mechanics, the handling of data, transparency as well as user experience (see below).

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