Mederma taps ShareThis to deepen consumer engagement

Mederma, a marketer of over-the-counter products that treat scars and stretch marks, wanted to go beyond its customary use of keyword search and online display advertising to tap into a network of influencers who would be predisposed to share information on the subject.

The company and its agency worked with ShareThis to amplify a search and display ad campaign that ran concurrently and offered a coupon toward purchase of the products. Tapping into the ShareThis network of more than 400 million unique visitors across nearly 800,000 Websites, the campaign targeted consumers likely to share content with friends on social networks, or to respond to content after hearing about it from friends.

Strategy. ShareThis created “social topics” from keywords relevant to the product and identified 12.5 million consumers in the ShareThis network based on their sharing behavior around these topics.

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