Adobe: większe ekrany mobilne napędzają rynek reklamy

Rosnąca popularność urządzeń przenośnych z dużymi ekranami ma coraz większy wpływ na segment reklamy mobilnej – wynika z raportu firmy Adobe. – Współczynnik zaangażowania i konwersji w tych urządzeniach jest uderzający – podkreśla Tim Waddell, dyrektor marketingu w Adobe.

Dane zebrane za pomocą narzędzi Adobe Media Optimizer i Adobe Social wskazują, że obecność na rynku coraz większej liczby urządzeń przenośnych z dużymi ekranami (większych smartfonów, phabletów i tabletów) przekłada się pozytywnie na reklamę mobilną.

Jak podaje Adobe, w IV kwartale 2014 r. współczynnik klikalności CTR generowany na urządzeniach mobilnych wzrósł o 27 proc. w wypadku tabletów i o 26 proc. w smartfonach w porównaniu z tym samym okresem 2013 r. CTR okazał się także wyższy o 19 proc. w wypadku firm reklamujących się w Google.

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How to effectively communicate with your clients – 10 proven tips

Today we have some fresh and proven tips on how to effectively communicate with your clients in sales negotiations. Read on and improve your sales skills with our New Business and Analytics Manager. Effectiveness guaranteed!

Building relations with a client requires a lot of work and engagement. Not everyone is a born seller, but there are a few simple rules which can help you during sales negotiations. Here they are:

1. Know your client: Before you send your first email, learn about them as much as possible. It’s good to know what they do in the company and what their position is (based on this information you can make a guess about the level of their decision-making in the organization and describe whether the product you offer will be used by the person you contact or by the rest of the team).

January 27, 2015 by Beata Lukasiewicz

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Only 34% of Facebook Ad Sales Conversions Are Via Mobile

Despite 63 percent of Facebook ad clicks occurred on mobile devices during 2014’s fourth quarter, just 34 percent of the social media giant’s conversions—either a sale, download or completed lead-gen form—came from smartphones and tablets.

This new stat, from Marin Software’s quarterly Global Online Advertising Index, means nearly two-thirds of all Facebook ad conversions are happening on desktops even though the digital platform’s usage is increasingly skewing toward mobile.

The same study found that 39 percent of clicks on paid search ads from sites like Google were via mobile devices, yet 31 percent of the paid search category’s purchases came from mobile viewers. So the clicks/conversions ratio clearly favors Google over Facebook.

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Facebook Closes in on 1 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide

Nearly 1 billion Facebook users worldwide will access the social network on a mobile phone at least once each month in 2015, according to a new forecast from eMarketer, which for the first time breaks out mobile phone Facebook users by country.

Over 70% of all Facebook users globally will be mobile this year, and by 2018, more than three-quarters of the social network’s audience will access the platform via mobile phones on a regular basis, totaling 1.34 billion users

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