For Veteran Social Marketers, Twitter Is Tops

The maturing social marketing mix

As more marketers enter the social space and others gain the knowledge that comes with experience, techniques and concerns about social marketing are changing, according to the “2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report” from Social Media Examiner. While a year ago marketers were most interested in learning about tactics, now ROI takes center stage.

The top social tools are changing as well. Among all marketers surveyed in January 2010, Twitter barely edged out Facebook as the social tool used most. These sites have gained in importance as blogs have moved down the ladder. But among those most experienced in using social media, habits were different.

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Behavioral Targeting Doubles Ad Effectiveness

Increased conversions, CPMs

Criticism of behaviorally targeted ads by consumers, privacy advocates and the government has led to uncertainty in the market, which eMarketer expects to reach nearly $1.13 billion this year. Research from the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) indicates the high value of those ads, for both marketers and publishers.

The study, which looked at ads run on member networks during 2009, showed that among users who clicked on a behaviorally targeted ad, 6.8% converted. That compared with only 2.8% of those who clicked on a run-of-network ad. Clickers found behavioral ads more relevant, but the NAI did not study how likely they were to click in the first place, a key component of effectiveness.

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