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Mobile ASO – narzędzia i sposoby na dotarcie do większego grona użytkowników

Wielu zapewne zdaje sobie sprawę, że pozyskanie ponad przeciętnego ruchu na swojej stronie www odbywa się np. dzięki dobrej optymalizacji strony pod kątem wyszukiwań organicznych – SEO. Termin, który nie jest już tak mocno znany i oczywisty to – ASO (App Store Optimization). Co więc takiego kryje się za tym pojęciem?

Przede wszystkim warto zwrócić uwagę na fakt, że samo stworzenie aplikacji mobilnej i umieszczenie jej w sklepie nie zawsze zapewni jej świetlaną przyszłość, pełną pokaźnej liczby pobrań oraz ocen “five stars”. Mamy obecnie do czynienia ze zbyt dużą konkurencją w marketach byśmy mogli bez większego wysiłku pozyskiwać nowych użytkowników. Należy więc skupić się na optymalizacji aplikacji w sklepie (ASO), aby przyczynić się do zwiększenia liczby pobrań, poprawienia pozycji czy też uzyskania lepszych opinii i wyższych ocen. Pierwszy etap to oczywiście umieszczenie aplikacji w sklepie – i już na tym etapie powinniśmy zadbać o kilka istotnych elementów, takich jak.:

1. Stworzenie odpowiedniego tytułu aplikacji, który powinien mieć jasny przekaz oraz krótki opis czym właściwie jest dana aplikacja. Przykład: Chrome – web browser by Google.

by: Cezary Jarosz
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10 Tips to increase App Store Ranking

1. Use the title to your advantage
Apps can have pretty long titles. Make sure to take advantage of this. Instead of just naming your app “Pirates” instead name it “Pirates: A fun and free game” for example. This makes sure people searching for any of the words can find you through their searches. This in turn leads to more visibility and more downloads. More downloads in turn leads to higher ranking.

2. Have relevant keywords in the app description
Similar to the above point you need to take advantage of the description. If you have a game you might want to have “fun”, “action”, “fps” and so on in your description. However you don’t need to have “fun game”, “action game” separate. It should look like this: “fun, game, action”. Also, the words in your title doesn’t need to be in the app description. Use this space for other words!

3. Use Facebook Connect
If your app is connected to the users Facebook account their friends will see that they are using it. They can also invite their friends via Facebook. This will lead to more downloads. You should also mention something about Facebook in your description, your Facebook Fan Page or the ability to follow your Facebook friends for example. By doing this you might rank on the search term “Facebook” which is one of the most searched apps.

4. Have a free version

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5 things every beginning Android app developer should know

The world has entered a mobile age, and the app industry is booming as a result. Worth $53 billion in 2012, the global app economy is expected to grow to $143 billion by 2016. Everyone wants a piece of the digital pie, but few mobile app developers are armed with the facts.

Every app is just one drop in the vast ocean of the app store. If you want to stand out and have a chance of building a profitable user base, there are a few things you should know before you begin development:

1. Imitation is not always the sincerest form of flattery

If your product is good, people will copy you. The better it is, the likelihood of being ripped off increases exponentially. This is a multi-industry reality and it’s the first thing you should keep in mind as you develop your mobile app.

If you know you have an excellent product in the works, a strong launch is critical. The initial loyal user base you attract as a result of high visibility will help you stay on top when the imitators eventually end up publishing similar products.

The more active users you have, the better your app holds its ground in the store. Additionally, those are the users who convert to paying customers.

2. It is far too easy to get lost in the crowd

One of the biggest challenges mobile app developers face is discoverability. With more than a million mobile apps in each of the app stores (Apple and Android), it is becoming harder and harder to generate organic users.

To overcome this, you should plan on putting time and effort into app store optimization techniques. The app name, icon, description and screenshots – all of these need high attention and professional care to reach the best results.

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The 40 Must-Have Android Apps for the Power User

For the longest time, Android was an operating system that eschewed visual flair in favour of giving flexibility and power to the user, and since third party developers took their cues from the OS itself, their apps tended to be complex and unabashedly ugly.

Somewhere along the way, right around the time when Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich shipped, Google decided that it was possible to endow the OS with good design while retaining its complexity and extensibility. This has ushered in a new wave of apps that adhere to Google’s clean design philosophy, even as they add advanced features that are unique to the Android platform.

In this round up, we’re taking a look at forty applications that give you the ability to modify system-level features to make them work better for your specific usage, and others that take advantage of built-in sensors in modern smartphones to make them a little more intuitive and attuned to their surroundings. All of these apps augment your experience of using Android itself in some way—making it easier, faster, or just plain cooler!

App list: